Where Is The Money In Cash Back Credit Cards?

by Ann Wilson on April 28, 2009

When it comes to credit cards with rewards, which one do you like best? Do you prefer a credit card with gas rewards or travel rewards? Or would you prefer a cash back credit card instead?

Currently, there seems to be a great demand for credit cards with cash back reward programs. The reason is because cash back cards have simpler rules in collecting and redeeming rewards. If you’re not a frequent traveler and if you don’t own a car, then this may be the perfect reward credit card for you.

Cash Back Cards that Truly Bring Rewards

One great thing about cash back reward credit cards is that you get to earn points from general types of purchases. You won’t have to worry whether you’re shopping from an affiliate merchant or what type purchase you’re making. As long as you use your card for a purchase, you can be sure that you get points in your account. If you’re thinking about getting a cash back credit card, consider the following tips:

Check out credit card review sites. Credit card review websites will give you a better idea on the reward programs of cash back credit cards available for you. This way, you can immediately see which credit cards most likely match your lifestyle and which ones have the best potential. It can save you time in examining each and every cash back credit card offered in the market.

Don’t focus on the interest rate alone. Of course, you want a card with a low APR. But the interest rate isn’t the only factor that matters. There are credit cards with attractively low rates but comes with unreasonable annual fees and hidden costs.

How much would it cost you to keep your credit card active? The best way to compare reward credit cards is to weigh all the costs aside from the interest rate.

Study the reward program. The rules of the reward program vary from one credit card to another so you’ll want to spend time evaluating the Terms and Conditions of the cards you’re considering. Remember to check out the restrictions or limits that apply to your card.

For instance, would be penalized if you failed to submit your payment on time? Will you still be eligible to redeem rewards if you have past due charges in your account? What types of purchases will qualify you to earn points?

Read the fine print in full. Credit card reviews only reveal the best and weakest features about a card. It doesn’t everything you need to know about, particularly the exact rules of the reward program. This is why you should never sign up for a credit card without reading the fine print.

Everything you need to know about a credit card is disclosed in the Terms & Conditions page. No matter how small the print is or how lengthy it is, do no skip this very important step. Read and understand the fine print before submitting your credit card application.


Ann Wilson is the head writer of Reward Credit Card Site. This resource provides consumers with valuable reviews and information on the best credit card reward programs. Its main objective is to help people to take advantage of credit card rewards and start earning reward points. Copyright © 2008

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