Redeem Your Rewards Before They Expire

If you are a reward credit card owner, it’s vital to be clear about the rules of the program. If you don’t know the rules, you could miss out on many opportunities or you may not enjoy the incentives and privileges that you deserve.

Different credit card companies have varying reward systems. Are you familiar with your privileges and limitations as a reward credit cardholder? Does your credit card with reward impose an expiration date? Can you carry over unused points or do they easily get forfeited?

Some issuers allow their customers to collect and redeem points for a two-year period before they expire. Within that span of time, the cardholder can collect as many points as possible and exchange them before the deadline of redemption.

Some reward credit cards require a minimum number of points before they can be exchanged for rewards. For example, you may only start redeeming your cash back reward after you’ve collected the minimum of 1,000 points or after spending a minimum of $1,000 with your credit card.

Things can become complicated if you only use your reward credit card occasionally or for small purchases. If you’re not going to use your reward credit card, then obviously, you cannot collect points in your account. If you do not collect the minimum required points, even the points you’ve collected can be forfeited. Indeed, owning a reward credit card involves responsibility. In order to enjoy the benefits that your reward credit card offers you need to know abide by the rules of the reward program.

Create a reminder and post it where you can see it at all times. See to it that you will be able to redeem your points before they expire. Create a plan on how you collect more points without spending over the budget.

One effective strategy is to use your reward credit card to pay your monthly utility bills such as electricity, internet, cable, etc. Since you will need to pay these bills in cash anyway, charge them to your reward credit card first and use your cash to pay your balance in full on the same day.

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Review the Terms and Conditions of your reward credit card. Read mails or notices sent by your credit card issuer so you can be aware in case there might be changes with the rules of the reward program. If maintaining your reward credit card costs you more than the reward you earn, it’s never too late to make a switch. Just make sure that you will be replacing your old reward credit card with one that matches your lifestyle.


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