Reward Credit Card: Tips To Reward Your Wallet Not The Lender

Credit card holders love to obtain rewards credit cards. And why not? Rewards credit cards give bonuses and privilege to its members by simply using credit cards on their purchases. However, not all rewards credit cards are suitable for all types of people. Using the wrong types of credit cards can be more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage if not correctly used. Thus, as a consumer, you need to make sure that you’ll get the one suitable to your needs and lifestyle. Continue reading “Reward Credit Card: Tips To Reward Your Wallet Not The Lender”

Things To Avoid In A Rewards Credit Card

Tough competition in the market among different credit card issuers force these companies to come up with their own strategies in attracting more customers to sign up for them credit card. The emergence of rewards credit card in a variety of categories and features can be a bit confusing for potential card holders. Continue reading “Things To Avoid In A Rewards Credit Card”

Rewards Credit Card: Travel For FREE

One of the most popular reward credit cards are travel reward cards. Generally, travel reward card members gain points each time they use their credit card to purchase airline tickets, to pay for their hotel accommodations, for going on a cruise, for renting cars and of course, when purchasing items from affiliate merchants. These points are collected until the minimum number of points is reached that qualifies the card holder for a free travel. Continue reading “Rewards Credit Card: Travel For FREE”