Learn and Avoid the Bad Side of Gas Reward Credit Card

Many consumers appreciate the savings they get from gas reward credit cards. This is because gas reward cards give its members rebates every time they use their card on gasoline purchases. Aside from these, gas reward credit cards also come with other perks such as discounts and freebies. However, some gas reward credit cards do have a bad side too. If you’re not aware of these factors, you might find that you’re not benefiting from your gas reward credit card at all:

Not patronizing the affiliate gasoline station.

You can only earn rebates or points if you use your gas reward credit cards to purchase from the affiliated gas station. Thus, it is important to ensure that the gas card you’ve chosen has partnerships with your preferred gas station. Another important thing to ensure is if there is an affiliate gas station right in your area or else, you’ll have to go out to refuel just to earn points.

Not keeping up with your monthly balances.

Usually reward credit cards do not give the privileges to the credit card holder if there is an outstanding balance on the card holder’s account. Yes, if you’re not keeping up with your monthly balances on time, you might not be entitled to receive rebates on your gas purchases. The same is true not only for gas reward credit cards, but for other types of reward credit cards as well. Aside from this, failing to pay off your monthly credit card balances will only result with you paying for very expensive interest rates. Even worse, it can be a start of a serious debt problem.

The real terms are not explicitly stated.

Generally, when you read credit card advertisements, you’re only given the best features of the card. The same is true for gas reward credit cards. For example, if the offer states that card members will be given a 5%* rebate on gas purchases, the asterisk denotes that there are certain conditions that come with the offer.

This means, you’re not automatically getting the full 5% of your rebate every time you purchase. The conditions can either be that the 5% rebate will only be applicable after you reach a minimum amount of purchase. Or it can also mean that the 5% rebate will only apply as long as you don’t exceed the maximum limit of rebates you’re allowed to earn. Obviously, if you did not carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up for the offer, advertisements can mislead you into thinking that you’ll get more than the actual deal.

Misleading introductory offers

Some credit cards may offer a low rate of interest either on balance transfers or on purchases for a short period such as 6 months or less. However, once the introductory period expires you may be surprised to find that you’ll be paying extremely high rates of interest for the rest of your membership. To avoid such situations, see to it that you know exactly how much the rates will be after the introductory period ends.


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