How Travel Reward Credit Cards Benefit Travelers

A popular type of reward credit card is the travel rewards card. If you are a frequent traveler, you should consider the benefits that this type of card can bring you. On this post, we present specific benefits that travelers can enjoy from the travel rewards credit cards and how to make the most out of the card they own.

Travel for free. Of course, people choose an airline miles reward credit card for the opportunity to fly for free. As you use your reward credit card to purchase airline tickets, rent a car, and other travel-related expenses, your miles points also accumulate until you reach a sufficient number of points to fly for free. Typically, travel reward credit cards give one point or one mile for every dollar spent but you might be able to get bonus points once you have reached a certain amount of purchases or by purchasing from shops and establishments affiliated with your credit card.

Convenient flight reservations. Booking a flight is so much easier when done online and this can only be achieved by using a credit card. There is no need to personally visit a travel agency’s office to make reservations. Booking a flight can be made conveniently as long as there is access to the internet.

Free luggage check in. Some airlines do charge an extra for baggage but if you own a travel rewards card, you can enjoy the privilege of checking in your luggage at no additional cost. This service depends on the type of rewards credit cards you own so be sure to check the exact perks and privileges your reward credit card offers.

Travel insurance coverage. Travel insurance is essential when going on long trips but instead of paying extra for travel insurance, check first if this provision is offered by your rewards credit card. Most credit cards with airline miles rewards or Frequent Flier Miles rewards offer free insurance coverage while the cardholder is on a trip.

Car rental coverage. If you plan to rent a car while on your trip, check first if your travel rewards cards provides car insurance so you do not need to purchase a separate insurance from the car rental service company.

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Shop safely. It is much safer to shop with a credit card than bring a large amount of cash while on a trip. But don’t forget to check foreign currency fees. How much does your travel reward credit card charge on foreign currency conversion? If you’re going to use the card for shopping abroad, you might incur foreign currency conversion charges which can range from 1% to 3% of the total amount of your purchase.

Freebies and perks. Reward cardholders can enjoy special perks which are exclusive only to members of travel rewards programs. For example, instead of waiting at the airport’s passenger’s lounge, you can comfortably wait in a private lounge area and enjoy free drinks, snacks, and other freebies. This can be a great convenience especially when a flight gets delayed unexpectedly or while waiting for a connecting flight.


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