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The following Credit Card Rewards are for People with Excellent Credit. Compare offers side by side and apply online for the card that is right for you. Apply for the Excellent Credit reward credit card of your choice by completing a secure online application.

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USAA World MasterCard® credit card
  • Variable rates as low as 9.9% APR on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances.*
  • Get 2,500 rewards bonus points credited to your account after your first purchase.*
  • Earn one point for every dollar in credit card purchases with no cap or expiration date on points.*
  • Earn points toward air travel with no blackout dates, brand-name merchandise, gift certificates, cash or charitable donations.

USAA Rewards™ American Express® card
  • Choose between 2X points or up to 2.25% cash back on gas and groceries.
  • Earn one point for every dollar on all other purchases.
  • Get 2,500 rewards bonus points credited to your account after your first purchase.*
  • Earn up to 2.25% cash back on gas and grocery purchases.

* See the online reward credit cards application for details about terms and conditions of reward programs and offers.


Helpful Pointers:

Are you looking for tips and pointers on how you can choose the right reward credit card? This article will discuss a short guideline on how you can find and eventually apply for credit cards with rewards that suit your needs, finances and most importantly, your lifestyle.

    Three Tips on Choosing Excellent Reward Credit Cards

  • Look for credit card programs that offer the biggest bonuses and incentives. Make sure that you will only settle for a reward program that offers the best bonuses. Look for reward credit cards that provide the highest cash-back rates or reward points.
  • Shop and compare the different features of various reward credit cards. Consider carefully the rates of interest, fees and spending requirements imposed on various credit cards.
  • Consider your personal preferences and lifestyle. Aside from thinking about the features and bonuses offered in travel reward credit card programs, you also need to determine which incentives and perks suit your preferences and lifestyle.

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