Credit Cards With Gas Rewards: Facts and Tips

Owning a car has its advantages and disadvantages. While traveling is easier and faster if you have a vehicle, there are additional expenses you will need to shoulder like maintenance and repairs as well as gas refueling.

Most credit card companies and even gas companies understand the need to save more so they came up with gas rewards credit cards. There are actually two types of gas credit cards.

One is offered by gas companies and can only be used when purchasing gas at gas stations affiliated with the company who issued the card. The other one is being offered by credit card companies. These are what you call credit cards with gas rewards.

Gas reward credit cards can be used to purchase your favorite boutiques, pay your bills or buy gas and because it offers gas rewards, every time you use it, you are also accumulating points which can be exchanged cash, discounts and even free gas.

* Comes with Lower Interest Rates
* Easy Approval and Less Complicated Requirements
* Save More When Buying Gas
* Offers Auto Maintenance and Repairs Discounts
* Benefits of Gas Credit Cards

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right Credit Card with Gas Rewards

Interest Rates. Each time you carry over a balance in your account, you will be charged with interest. The amount of interest may vary depending on your credit card issuer.

Annual Fee. The annual fee is required to keep your account active. Some credit cards carry an annual. However, there are still issuers who do not ask for this. If you can’t find one, choose a gas rewards credit card with a reasonable annual fee.

Details of the Rewards Program. Since you have chosen a credit card with gas rewards, it is a must to know what they have to offer. Ask yourself these questions:

* What discounts can you get from your credit card?
* Is there a certain amount of money you need to spend to get rebates?
* Are there any conditions before you can qualify for rebates?
* Are your purchases going to earn you points?

Limitations. It is best to know if there are limitations that come with your gas rebates credit card. For instance, ask if there is a limit to the amount of rewards or rebates you can earn for the whole month or year.

Things to Remember

Gas rebates are never automatic. You have to make a request before you can use or redeem your rewards.

Choose a reputable credit card company to avoid scammers. Do your own research. You can either use the internet or ask a credit card representative for details on how you can apply.

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Maximize the benefits. Use your credit card to your advantage. Make purchases that will help you gain more points.

Watch for due dates. Make payments on time. Remember that in the event that you forget to pay your monthly dues, the interest and fees will just eat away all the benefits you have gathered that same month.


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