Are You Using These Credit Card Rewards Programs?

Credit cards have become so commonplace that there is active competition between banks to get new customers. A low interest rate is always an attractive option for a new customer but the rates can only be reduced so much before it becomes unprofitable to support an account. One method that many banks and credit card companies have started to use is to offer rewards to customers. Credit card rewards programs give the cardholder some type of incentive to make purchases with the card. When enough of these incentives have accrued they can then be turned in for some discount or benefit. The best rewards credit card will be different for each person since some deal with very specific niches that might not be useful for everyone.

For many people the best credit card rewards are those that are versatile. A common type of rewards program simply allows an individual to accumulate points that can be used later. These points are usually gained through the use of the credit card. There can be restrictions on what types of purchases will actually result in points so that only related expenditures are tracked. The points can be used to purchase discount cards, merchandise, or anything else that the credit card company wants to offer. These programs are popular because they allow the cardholder to spend the points on almost anything they want.

There are credit card rewards programs that actually provide cash back to the cardholder. This type of program works much like a general point system except that the points that are accrued translate directly into cash. Most programs have a very low percentage of each purchase that is collected to be used as cash back. Some of the best cash back credit cards are also branded so they only accumulate cash back when used at a particular retailer. For many people cash back is one of the best credit card rewards. The programs must be thoroughly understood, however, since sometimes late payments can cancel out the cash back that has been collected.

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For individuals who travel extensively the best rewards credit card could be one that provides frequent flier miles. This means a person could gain a large amount of airline miles just from making everyday purchases with the airline credit cards. The same concept can be applied to gasoline discounts. As points are accrued on the card, the discount for purchasing a gallon of gasoline also increases. Both of these types of rewards programs usually have some type of limitation so that airline miles and gasoline discounts are capped at a certain amount regardless of spending.

One thing to take note of is that all credit card rewards programs usually have several limiting rules and guidelines. Understanding these rules can help to preserve benefits that might otherwise be lost if they are not used in a certain amount of time. There might also be spending restrictions so that using a credit card to pay bills or transfer balances will not accrue points.


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